‘A lot of pride’: Indian online shopping is the biggest in the world

Indian online shoppers are increasingly happy to spend money online, with a record number of shoppers choosing to buy in the country this year, according to a survey of more than 400,000 consumers.

Key points:The survey of 2,000 online shoppers found that a record 35% of Indian online buyers chose to buy online last yearIndia’s online shopping has become the biggest overseas market, and is growing fast in IndiaThe survey found that 34% of consumers had purchased online last month compared with 27% last yearOnline shoppers spend more than half of their online purchases online in India compared with 24% globally, the survey found.

This is the third consecutive year India has topped the list of online shoppers with a strong showing, ahead of South Korea and France.

India’s retail sales are expected to grow by almost 6% in 2017 compared with the same period last year.

Online shoppers were more likely to say they would spend more in 2017, the study said.

Online shopping in India is becoming the biggest international market, with the country leading the world with more than one billion online shopping transactions last year, the report said.

This year, online shoppers spent more than 50% of their purchase than the average consumer in the US, according the survey.

More than 60% of online buyers said they would be willing to buy more in the future, compared with 47% of the average American consumer.

India was the only country where over half of online shopping purchases were made by Indian consumers.

The survey also found that the number of Indian consumers who would be comfortable buying online had grown over the past three years.

The survey also revealed that the online shopping experience was a major factor for the number and amount of satisfied customers.

“While online shopping continues to grow in India, the experience is still a major issue for consumers, with only a quarter of customers saying that they had a good experience on a typical shopping day,” the report found.

The report said online shoppers were also more likely than those who shop at a physical outlet to have had an adverse experience on average.

“More than half (55%) of online customers had a positive experience online, compared to 31% of physical shoppers.

More online shoppers (55%), and over half (54%) of physical shopper (52%) have a positive offline experience, compared both with just under a quarter (23%) of digital shoppers.”

India’s top-selling online store, Flipkart, had more than 10 million online customers last year and has been growing at a healthy rate.

It is one of the fastest-growing online shopping destinations in the Middle East and Africa.

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