Hong Kong’s online shopping business is thriving

In Hong Kong, the online shopping frenzy is already well under way. 

The world’s third-largest economy has had a surge in internet traffic since the start of the year, and the number of merchants accepting bitcoin is booming. 

There’s also a new breed of online shoppers eager to test the waters. 

 A few months ago, when I visited Hong Kong for the first time, I’d never heard of a company called HYVEE, and I didn’t know much about bitcoin. 

I was a bit surprised to learn that I could buy things from the internet without any credit card, and then use that credit card to pay for something. 

Then I learned that HYVEe was based in Hong Kong and had its headquarters in Singapore. 

Hyvee is a company that allows merchants to accept bitcoin, and it’s a big deal in Hongkong, with one of the largest internet shopping markets in the world. 

The business, which has offices in Hong Li, Shenzhen, and Macau, has seen growth from its inception, according to the company’s website. 

“Hyvees growth was built on the trust and confidence of its customers, and we’re very excited to be here to serve them,” said CEO, James Wong, in a statement. 

In a typical year, HYVEEs business can bring in anywhere from $1 million to $10 million in revenue, Wong said. 

With so much interest in bitcoin, HYvee said it’s already planning to grow its network of merchants to allow people to use bitcoin at the checkout. 

It’s not the only bitcoin-accepting company in Hong Kong. 

Other online shopping companies include BitGo, the leading provider of bitcoin payment processors and merchants, and Kix, a digital wallet for Bitcoin and Litecoin. 

A month after we visited Hong Kg, BitGo started accepting bitcoin at its Hong Kong branch. 

Bitcoin is becoming popular as an alternative to traditional currency, and as it’s become more popular, merchants are turning to it for convenience. 

BitGo’s head of operations, Mark Wilson, said that the company has been getting more requests for bitcoin transactions from businesses than ever before, which led to the launch of its Hong KG branch.

“It’s been growing every day,” Wilson told ABC News. 

According to Wilson, Bitgo will continue to accept bitcoins as payment for online shopping. 

For businesses, it can be a cheaper alternative to credit cards and bank accounts. 

But for consumers, the option to use digital currencies can be quite appealing. 

Wilson said BitGo is the largest provider of payment processors for Bitcoin in the U.S., and he hopes to continue to grow that business. 

He said that there’s no way to tell how many merchants are accepting bitcoin, because there are so many different bitcoin companies. 

Still, it’s important for consumers to have a choice when it comes to buying or selling digital currencies. 

As for HYVEes business, it was founded to be the world’s first Bitcoin payment processor, Wilson said.

It accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and PayPal. 

Its customers range from small businesses to large international brands. 

To find out more about the HYVE ecommerce business, visit their website.

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