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Apple has added an online shopping portal to its website, and a new app for Mac users is bringing the same benefits to Macs.

The company launched a new Apple Store app for iPhones and iPads earlier this month, and now has a separate app for Windows and Mac users that’s built into its Mac App Store.

Apple says that its online shopping app now allows users to shop on the App Store, and that Mac users will be able to shop with any Mac that’s running iOS 8.5.

Apple says that it plans to make Mac apps for iOS 8 available for free to developers later this year.

Mac users who want to shop for their own Mac can use the Appstore’s shopping portal, or a web app that allows them to sign in and then navigate to their local store.

The portal also lets users shop for other Macs, but not Macs running iOS 9.4 or later.

Apple said that the new app includes a wide range of products, including accessories, movies and music, but doesn’t include any deals or offers.

The company is also not offering a Mac AppStore link for developers to integrate their apps into the store.

Mac app developers can sign up for the Apple Store link for $20 per month for three months, but the company says that those developers can earn $100 per month if they reach a million downloads.

Macs running earlier versions of OS X will continue to receive Apple’s App Store link, but Apple says it is introducing a new “iPhone & iPad” app later this month that will let users make and share purchases using the same iOS 7 interface.

Apple also announced an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus for sale in China on Monday, though the company didn’t specify how many were in stock.

The iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 were available on September 28, with the iPhone 7 Plus expected to hit store shelves in the coming days.

Apple has also announced plans to add support for new features in the Apple Watch, including support for the new Apple Pay payment system.

The Watch has always been limited to Android Wear devices, and Apple has long offered Android Wear integration to its Apple Watch.

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