Nintendo has ‘full intention’ of buying Gamestop offline

Gamestamp is not the only online store to be hit by Nintendo’s online shopping spree.

Nintendo has already been shopping for the retailer offline with the first of many offline deals announced.

The company revealed today that its online store has been online for about two weeks and the online store will be offline for the next two weeks.

Gamestamp, which is the third largest online retailer, has over 50 million monthly active users, according to its latest annual report.

The retailer has been able to do so with a “full intention to purchase and sell its products in-store at the retailer,” Nintendo said in its quarterly report.

Gamers have long been demanding online stores have a place for them to get their games.

They have long complained about the slow pace of games available online and the difficulty in getting the game they want on launch day.

Nintendo has said it will launch the next console, codenamed NX, at a time when online shopping is at its most popular.

The retailer says it plans to expand its in-house online stores.

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