The internet’s biggest skateboard chain has closed shop on all but two of its stores

Shoprite has closed all but one of its retail stores, leaving only one online skate shop open.

Shoprite, a website where you can buy your favorite skate brands, has only two online skate shops open, and they’re in New York City, Chicago and Las Vegas.

They’ve closed all of their online skate stores in a matter of weeks.

“Shoprite has gone completely offline.

They have no skate shops,” a shop owner told Business Insider.

He added that shoprite will be open as a brand new shop for its new customers, and that it’ll continue to operate its website in a different way.

The skate shop owner also said that shop raiser and other activities will continue to be available.

We have no idea what this means for skateboarding and skate shops, but we do know that they have been a big part of our lives for years.

We have a lot of fun and we want to keep that going.

More than half of the skateboard shops open on Shoprite are in New Jersey, and another 18 are in California, according to the shop’s website.

Many of the online skate brands, like XO, The Fuzz, Runtastic, Skaterboy, Big D, Black Diamond, Razzmatazz, Black Label, Skateboard Club, X-Cables, XO Skate, and V-Log.

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