The new sneakers are all-weather with a premium feel

The new Nike Air Max 1, which debuted in March, features a new mesh upper that features a premium look with an ultra-thin, yet durable sole.

The shoe’s signature Nike Air Boost technology offers a performance boost to keep the foot on the ground and maintain a comfortable, even-tempered feel.

The Boost technology also gives you a more comfortable fit thanks to the new EVA foam that is lightweight, yet breathable.

The new Air Max has a premium appearance that can be distinguished from the classic Air Max.

The Air Max 2 has a more classic look with a high-quality mesh upper.

The upper is composed of EVA and breathable materials that are both breathable and durable.

The heel counter and heel plate are made from EVA.

The new AirMax 1 has a sleek silhouette with an upper made of a mix of EVAs and EVA material.

The sole has a rubber outsole for a responsive ride and the heel counter is made of EVO rubber.

The Nike AirMax 2 features a hybrid sole that features both EVA rubber and EVO foam.

The EVA footbed allows you to create a softer, more comfortable ride.

The Nike Airmax 2 also features an EVA upper for added comfort and comfort.

The upper of the Air Max comes in three different colorways: black, red, and orange.

The Air Max 4 features a red upper and a red outsole.

The sole of the Nike Air Air Max is made from a combination of EVAM and EVAA foam.

There are also different color options for the sole of each shoe.

The shoes come with Nike Boost technology that allows you the flexibility of the shoe to maintain a consistent fit.

Boost technology helps the shoe provide extra cushioning while maintaining a consistent feel.

Boost gives you an overall more comfortable feel thanks to a combination for cushioning and stability.

The Boost technology gives you more comfort thanks to an EVAM rubber sole that is soft, yet firm.

The cushioning helps you to feel more stable and stable in your footbed, while also providing extra cushion on your toes.

The foam cushioning is lightweight and breathably airy.

The combination of the EVAM outsole and EVAB rubber provides the stability and comfort that you need when you are on the move.

The shoe features a custom color for each colorway.

The sneaker is available in four colorways with a total of 30 colors available.

Nike is offering these colors as a special offer for all users and can be purchased online or at select Nike retailers in the United States.

The sneakers will be available in five colorways in the fall: Black, Red, Orange, and Yellow.

The colors can be ordered at select retailers in both retail stores and online.

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