Why shoppers are turning to online shopping in Australia

Online shopping has been one of the main drivers of Australian retailers’ growth, with the number of online shoppers rising by 10 per cent last year to reach 5.8 million.

But in recent months, the popularity of online shopping has grown to a point where many Australians are now choosing to shop on their own.

Here’s what you need to know about the internet of things (IoT) boom.

READ MORE Al Jazeera’s Alana Alper, reporting from Sydney, said the boom in online shopping is the result of two factors: the internet itself and the proliferation of smart devices, such as smart televisions, which make shopping more convenient.

“One of the big factors is the internet, which is making shopping online more accessible and easy, which makes it more efficient,” he said.

“The second factor is the proliferation, as well as the use of smart technology, of all sorts of smart products, all sorts that can be connected to the internet and that are being able to be bought remotely, as opposed to being stored on a shelf and then stored on the shelf, or stored in a store.”

He said the trend has also resulted in people using their phones more, which has led to a growing trend for buying with credit cards and checking their accounts.

“In terms of the technology itself, in terms of making it easier for us to access online shopping via our phones, the trend is going to continue and we’re going to see a lot more people using the phones, and I think it’s a very interesting trend,” he added.

“We’re going from the idea of being able just to shop at a store or a store to having the ability to shop online.”‘

I’m not looking for something that’s a cash grab’Read moreOn the other hand, many shoppers who use their phones to shop don’t realise that it’s becoming easier to do so.

“I’m actually not looking to get rich off of something that is a cash-grab,” one online shopper told Alper.

“It’s more of an impulse purchase,” he told Alpinestars.

“It’s not something that I’m going to get wealthy off of.

I’m just a little bit curious.”

One of those impulse purchases is an electric guitar, which Alper described as “a fantastic item” that he purchased from an online retailer for $1,500.

He said he thought the guitar was the perfect addition to his “laptop collection”.

“It was a very simple, simple idea to me,” he explained.

“I just had it sitting around my desk for like three weeks.

I just thought, well, it’s pretty nice.”

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