Zara Online shop opens in Ottawa’s Bloor West Village

ZARA, Canada’s largest online retailer, is opening its first store in the Ottawa area this summer.

Zara’s store, at 1655 Bloor St. W., will feature Zara clothing and accessories, including Zara bags, accessories, men’s and women’s jewelry, accessories for men, and accessories for women.

ZARA will also offer a range of clothing and beauty products, including men’s accessories, women’s cosmetics, and men’s home goods.

A Zara spokesperson said that the new location is the first to open in Ottawa, but that other stores will be opening soon.

In addition to opening Zara in Ottawa the store will also have a “home-based” section, which will offer a selection of home goods, including accessories for children and pets, as well as a “designer” section for the Zara collection.

The store is expected to open to the public in late June.

Zarah, which is owned by the German luxury retailer Carrefour, opened in Canada in 2007 and was acquired by Carrefours in 2016.

The company plans to open a store in Toronto in early 2018.

Zarsara will open its first Canadian store in 2018 in Toronto’s downtown core.

Zarna, a Swedish fashion brand that was founded in Denmark, recently announced that it will open stores in Canada this summer in Toronto and Vancouver.

The two cities are slated to be the largest markets for Zara stores.

The Canadian retail giant plans to continue expanding its presence in Canada, with a goal of adding 10 new stores in the coming years.

ZARA Canada will offer an online store that will be open to shoppers at all times.

ZARBAR will open the first Zara store in Ottawa in early June.

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