Why a new guitar can be just as satisfying as a good one

By TONY SULLIVAN, Associated Press The days of being a guitar junkie can be numbered.

We’ve gotten more sophisticated in our craft over the years, and the price of guitars are falling.

But the price is dropping for a reason: We can do it better.

And the new high-end guitar can do that better.

We are now at a time when every brand is outselling all the rest, and there’s no reason to think that the high-priced guitars will not keep doing so.

For the past decade, the world of guitars has been awash in high-quality, affordable instruments that can be used for almost any job: the office manager, the musician in the band, the teacher.

And it’s all a little frustrating.

Here’s what you need to know about how to make the perfect guitar.

Why a good guitar is worth a lot of money Why a better guitar?

There’s no shortage of great guitar guitars on the market today.

But in a world where you can get a lot more with a great guitar, why spend hundreds of dollars on something that can only be used a few times?

You know, the one that makes you think, “Maybe I could just be better.”

In the early 1970s, a guy named Ron Scott started his own guitar company in Austin, Texas.

His name was Ron Scott, and he was an engineer with a reputation for creating a high-performance guitar with his fingers.

The first model was called the “Scott Pro.”

It was a great little guitar.

It was very, very cheap.

It sounded good, too.

And you could buy a new one every couple of years for a couple hundred bucks.

But it had a problem: It was too light, and it was too big.

So Ron Scott decided to build a more affordable guitar.

He started selling the Scott Pro II.

It had the same dimensions as the first model, but with a shorter neck and thinner body.

That was a good thing, because the new guitar was more versatile and had the option to be played with a string or with a nut.

Ron Scott built a lot and he made a lot, and when the guitar company he ran folded in 1986, Ron Scott went to work for Gibson.

He began building a better, more affordable, and even more versatile guitar.

But that new guitar wasn’t cheap.

That new guitar cost about $25,000.

But you could make a better one.

The new guitar had an adjustable headstock that could be changed from the neck position to the nut position, and a longer neck, too, to accommodate for strings.

The body of the new Scott Pro had been redesigned from the ground up.

The neck was cut to make it longer, which made it more flexible.

The nut was also shorter, so that it could be adjusted to fit your finger.

This nut was a bit of a gamble for Gibson, because they didn’t have a solid, proven formula for making good, affordable guitars.

So the Scott company built a second model.

This one had a different headstock, too — and it still sounded great.

The guitar was called a “Scott Super.”

It had a new neck that had a higher neck joint and a shorter, thinner nut.

It also had a shorter headstock.

But if you really wanted a good, good guitar, you had to make your own guitar.

Ron and his team had built a guitar that would play well and play well with a guitar string.

But this second model was a lot less expensive.

It would have been about $45,000 at the time, which would have made it a bargain.

But because it was a Gibson, the price was a little bit more.

And so Ron decided to start selling his own guitars.

He built a new company called Ron Scott Manufacturing, and by 1986 he had his own line of guitars and parts.

By the early 1980s, he had a huge catalog of guitars.

But Ron had a special kind of customer in mind: musicians.

Ron wanted to make guitars that were easy to play and easy to sell.

And that’s where the Scott Super came in.

If you want to play, you want a guitar with a really good headstock and a really strong nut.

If your guitar is meant to be used and played on stage, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars.

You want to get a guitar and play it.

Ron made his first guitar that was designed for that.

And by the early 1990s, Ron had sold nearly half a million of them.

In the years since then, the Scott line has sold millions of guitars, and Ron Scott has gone on to create some of the best-selling guitar brands in the world.

In addition to his guitar line, Ron has a line of instruments and parts that he sells at other companies.

Ron is a huge fan of Timeless, a company that builds guitars and other instruments.

He’s been buying Timeless parts for decades, and

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