Why Amazon is offering a bot to help you shop on the Chinese online giant

Ars Technia – 3rd November 2018 12:04:20Amazon has released a bot that can help you find the perfect online store for you.

The bot, named MyBot, is available for download in the UK and the US, and the developer says it will soon be available on Chinese platforms.

MyBot is a standalone app that can be used by people to make a shopping list, search for products, and get in touch with a customer when they’re not able to reach them.

“MyBot can work on both the web and mobile devices.

To use it, just install MyBot and go to https://mybot.amazon.com/mybot-bot.html,” developer Adam M. Dennet told Ars.”

I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for people to get started and start shopping online without having to use any tools or even a computer.

It will be great for those who don’t have a web browser.”

MyBot comes with a few pre-configured commands.

You can find out the price, the location of the product, and a few other details.

Once installed, it will launch a web page that you can access from a Chrome browser.

After you find what you’re looking for, you can use MyBot to browse the site, search and see product listings for a specific category, and send an email to the customer.

It also supports shopping cart navigation, shopping history, and even setting the price.

Maintaining the MyBot bot requires a little bit of effort, but it’s possible to use it to find and browse items, search items, and contact people, if you want to.

My bot is still in early development, but the developer told Ars it’s in beta.

“It’s very simple, but very powerful,” Dennett said.

“You can use it with multiple people or even with one person and have a very flexible and easy-to-use shopping list.

It’s a great way to make your life easier and make your shopping list a little more flexible.”

Dennet said MyBot will be useful to people who don.t have a computer, and for those with limited time or resources.

“It can help people to spend a little extra time shopping online.

It can also be used for people who are trying to keep track of their shopping lists, like a regular shopper.”

You can download MyBot here:MyBot was built using the Google SDK for Android and is free to use.

Denny added that the bot is currently limited to the UK, and will be extended to other regions in the near future.

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