Alyssa Edwards is set to reprise her role as “Mimi” in ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ reboot

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Alyssah Edwards is slated to reprising her role of “Miki” in the upcoming The Last Witch Hunters reboot.

The news was first reported by Entertainment Weekly.

The Last Whisper Hunters reboot will follow the story of the witches who battled the forces of darkness and the demonic forces of evil in the past.

The story will be set in the aftermath of the demonization of witches and their witch friends in the 1800s.

The film will be directed by Tim Burton and produced by Jason Fuchs.

Alyssaa Edwards is one of the main characters in the reboot.

She was first introduced in The Last Whisperer in 2016 and made her film debut in The Witch Hunters in 2019.

Edwards’ role was originally meant to be an extended cameo, but was shortened to the “mixed” role.

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