Walmart is looking to sell off a bunch of its U.S. stores in 2019

A big retailer in America is looking at a sale of a bunch or all of its stores in the coming year.

The retail giant said Monday that it will close stores in more than 30 states, including the New York City area, as part of a consolidation effort.

The company also said it will discontinue the business of selling home delivery services.

The U.K. and Australia have also announced plans to shutter some of their stores.

Walmart said it is not disclosing the specific locations that will be closed, but it plans to close at least two locations in the New England region.

The retailer plans to sell its American stores, which account for more than 40 percent of its global sales, to third parties.

The company said it also plans to end the use of its Walmart Express and Walmart Select stores in certain markets, and to shut down the Walmart U.A. locations in some markets.

Walton, whose parent company, Walmart Inc., is the world’s largest private employer, is not the only big U.N. organization to be considering consolidation.

In January, the World Health Organization issued a statement urging nations to focus on improving their economies to make it easier for them to survive the effects of climate change.

The United Nations’ World Economic Forum said in November that the planet is on track to have more than 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming, with some nations already experiencing significant changes.

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